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James G. Hoffmeister District 1 Sargent
Herff Cornelius District 2 Sheppard Mott
Michael Jacobs District 3 Ashwood
William C. Hansen District 4 Palacios
Bruce Elliot District 5 Palacios
Tom Ward District 6 Cedar Lake
Laval Simons District 7 Port Lavaca
Ray Brundrett District 8 La Ward
Tom Hudgins District 9 Bay City
W. H. Webernick, Jr. District 10 Edna
Dick Koop District 11 Edna

General Manager

Roy D. Griffin


Attorney: John M. Merck


Year Cooperative was Organized: 1939

Counties Served: Jackson, Matagorda, Lavaca, Brazoria, Calhoun

Miles of Line Energized: 2,292 including 0 Miles of Transmission Line and 74 Miles of Underground Line

Connected Meters: 16,417; Number of Members: 9,716

Average Meters per Mile of Line: 7.16

Average KWH per Meter per Month: Domestic 1,499; Commercial 4,123

Utility Plant in Service: $52,818,699

Wholesale Power Supplier: South Texas Electric Cooperative

Meeting Dates

Board Meeting Date: Fourth Tuesday of Each Month

Annual Meeting Date: Third Saturday in May